George's Story

Example Recovery Case
We fully Document an example recovery case, including over 100pgs of test results. You can see these by clicking
here. We refer to this subject as "George", which is not his real name.

A Summary Of George's Case

George's case involved mercury molecules (mostly from fish) neutralizing Neutrophils (a part of the immune system that kills fungi), allowing fungi to grow in the body. The fungi was attacked by the immune system and lead to inflammation (soft tissue pain). This lead to allergies to food in the small intestines, due to an immune system who's sensitivity had increased due to increased load (more invaders to process). This lead to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) due to food allergies (immune system sprays poison into small intestine to kill "invaders" which are really food), which lead to a deficiency in nutrients being delivered to the body (gastrointestinal track, under attack from immune system, did not function well), and involved inflammation of the small intestine wall (called, "leaky gut"), which lead to material from the small intestine leaking into the blood, which sensitized the immune system further, making the body more allergic, which manifest itself internally and external (often in the form of itching skin). The fungi and possibly material leaking from the gut attached itself to the vertebrae of the spine (or infected the inside of the vertebrae), which was attacked by the immune system, causing inflammation, that manifest itself as pain in the entire torso region, which got worse after being in bed for several hours. The pain from the torso interfered with sleep, which further taxed the bodies ability to provide nutrients and remove internal waste products. Also, it is believed that the mercury inhibited dopamine-beta-hydroxylase, an enzyme used to make noradrenaline (a neurotransmitter), and this is one of the reasons for fatigue. Treating the noradrenaline with Wellbutrin SR (a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor), and treating every other problem that was found, lead to a complete reversal of all symptoms. In George's case, mercury was a key element in the pathology, yet it could have just as easily been another heavy metal or an environmental toxin that had bound to internal molecules and disrupted internal biochemistry.

For information on how a little mercury can be a root cause to CFS/FMS, please click
here. For information on how to test for mercury and detoxify, please click here. For a details on George's story, click here. For view over 100 pages of George's medical tests, please click here.

A Detailed Review Of George's Case

FMS Pain
George started with FMS pain in 1986 when he graduated from college at age 22. He had a stressful job, and found that his torso region was often sore. The pain that appeared was severe, affected the entire torso region, caused great stiffening of the spine, caused the sedimentation rate to hover around 30, and caused inflammation to be seen on x-rays of the spine. He felt more sore when taking a deep breath. George was placed on meds including: NSAIDs, Elavil and Flexerile, and continued in this state for many years. In 1989, George contracted skin allergies and itched when he came in contact with cleaning chemicals.

Spotty Sleep and Bad Digestion
In 1994, his sleep became spotty. He would go to bed, and wake up 1Hr later, be up for an hour, asleep for an hour, up for an hour. In 1995 his digestion become spotty, experiencing many of the digestive complaints. In April of 1998, he contracted fatigue as well. This was worse after a meal. Also, in 1998, after being motivated by a worsening of symptoms, George underwent many medical tests that showed a host of issues.

Gut and Liver Recovery
George did a food allergy ELISA test in 4/98 which tests for allergic IgE fast reactions and allergic IgG slow reactions to over 100 foods. It showed that George was allergic to milk, eggs, and chicken; all of which he ate frequently. IgG reactions are delayed by weeks, and a gut with poor ecology takes several months to heal, therefore, a food elimination diet where one withdraws various foods for several days, can easily miss a pathology. A ELISA for 100 foods is typically not 100% accurate for all foods, yet is a terrific place to begin when doing the "elimination" diet.

George also found in 4/98 that he had small intestine dysbiosis (unfriendly bacteria living in the gut), a gut that leaked large molecules into the blood (leaky gut, which involves harmful gut bacteria leaking into the blood) and a gut that blocked small molecules from the gut from entering the blood (Malabsorption). He also found a liver that was overly busy filtering toxins out of the blood (e.g. material from gut) and the 2nd part of the detoxification was not keeping up with the first part (Phase I upregulated, liver out of balance). He avoided allergic foods and addressed bacterial overgrowth with large amounts of friendly bacteria, and supplemented the gut with items noted in Lipski's book. Also, he ingesting antioxidant vitamins to help filter the blood of harmful free radicals (a harmful byproduct of an overloaded liver), and ate extremely healthy 1.5 cups pots of steamed vegetables every other meal. Within 2.5 months, he was completely pain free of joint pain and soft tissue pain during the day, and off all pain medications, for the 1st time in 12yrs. His stomach became extremely regular and solid, and sleep became quite decent. Also, skin allergies (itching after exposure to cleaning chemicals) abated nicely after the load on the immunity system (i.e. the number of things it must contend with) decreased. Increased immunity system load translates into a weaker immunity system, an increased rate of colds, a decreased ability to fight disease, and more allergies. Decreasing the load makes one significantly less prone to problems. George did not experience any colds between 7/98 and 12/98.

George had tried an elimination diet to look for allergic foods before the ELISA test, yet found that he needed to avoid the allergic foods for several weeks in order for the gut to heal, and the elimination diet suggest that one only run 5day tests with each food. ELISA was vital. In 7/99 he re-tested his gut and found his gut stopped the large molecules and absorbed the small molecules. He re-tested his liver in 5/99 and found it to be normal (i.e. Phase II keeping up with Phase I) except for slight upregulation of Phase I. He re-tested his food allergies in 12/98 and found them to be much better. He also re-tested his digestion via CDSA in 7/99 and found it to be much better, except for bacterial dysbiosis, which he fought with friendly bacteria. To see these tests, pre and post recovery, click

FMS Recovery
By 7/98, after healing the gut, the fibro pain was much better and George was able to go stop the NSAIDs and Flexerile pain meds, whereas this was impossible before 4/98. This is believed to be caused by better digestion and the healing of the leaky gut. There was no pain during the day, however it still persisted at night, and would become severe after an hour or so of sleep. In Dec 98, George took Lamisil, an antifungal medication, for 30days, and the pain moved from starting after 1Hr in bed to starting after 6hrs in bed. Then, in 4/99, be did another 30days of antifungal, and the pain completely disappeared, even after being in bed. He continued to take the antifungal in 5/99 and stopped on 6/1. Yet the pain started to return after 30days (after being in bed for 4hrs). On 7/1/99, he then went on the Lamisil antifungal, Garlic (which kills fungi) and Thymus, which stimulates the part of the immunity system that kills fungi, and the pain went away after 7days.

In 1/99, a fungi antibody panel was performed that found IgG Pullularia Pullulans (fungus) antibodies w/ a 8100 score, where <1600 is normal, and >1600 is "suggestive of chronic exposure to that fungi". Perhaps the fungi originated from the gut, which would explain why George felt better in 4/98 when the IBS was healed. Yet the antifungal was required to kill the remaining fungi that had entered the blood.

Fatigue and Mercury Recovery
George was significantly fatigued between 5/99 and 10/99, mostly after meals. He ate much fish in the 4/99 to 8/99 timeframe while avoiding allergic foods. Tuna fish sandwiches daily was typical. In 10/99 another battery of tests were done that showed:

* extreme low levels of Aspartic acid choking off the manufacture of ATP energy
* Low VMA adversely indicating that the noradrenaline neurotransmitter was not being manufacturered properly.
* toxic levels of mercury in hair (4.5 when 0.9 was normal)
* liver phase II not keeping up with detoxification of free radicals
* a variety of amino acids that were slightly deficient
* gut was not digesting protein and fats well, suggesting the need for supplemental enzymes
* immunity test showed high levels of Epstein Barr virus antibodies
* immunity test showed low levels of leukocytes function

George found that supplementing L-Tyrosine (precursor to noradrenaline) lifted the fatigue somewhat for 10 to 90min after taking this capsule which is available at health food stores. Supplementation of the following items was able to bring George from 40% functioning in 4/98 to 97% functioning in 7/99.

* Aspartic acid, to help w/ Aspartic acid deficiency
* glutathione, NAC to help with liver phase II
* vanadyl sulfate to help with glucose intolerance
* p5p, b12, A&D, L-Turin, Betacaroteen, Folic Acid to help with liver detoxification
* avoidance of fish (contains mercury)
* removal of dental amalgam in 6teeth (approx 20 cavities had been filled in those 6teeth over a lifetime).
* Chollera, Livaplex, Antronex, Activated Charcoal for 2mths to help with mercury detoxification.
* 50mg/day Thymus and Astragalus help stimulate the part of the immunity system that kills fungi.
* 2/day Garlic to kill fungi
* 2/day Wellbutrin SR to support noradrenaline communication (Rx drug)
* 1/day Allergra allergy medicine (Rx drug)
* 1/day Lamisil antifungal medicine, on and off (Rx drug)

In 5/99, another hair test was done that showed the level of hair mercury had decreased to 1.8 (<0.9 is normal, 10/99 was 4.5), indicating progress with mercury.

Current Status
George is currently asymptomatic, accept for slight dips after a large meal, or after not sleeping well. He is one of the few that was luck enough to do significant testing, treat all found pathologies and move into the mostly asymptomatic range. He is still taking several supplements and is not sure when he will taper off. He feels he still has internal weaknesses, and needs to take care of himself for a year or two while his body continues to heal. He is allowing the mercury time to attenuate, and is hoping his immunity system will strengthen to the point where it can fight fungi. Also, he is hoping that his noradrenaline communication will come back into normal range without the need to supplement with Wellbutrin SR, yet is prepared to take Wellborn the rest of his life if necessary. George is one of the luck few.

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